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The Sense Experiential Gallery

Bring emotions into motionless things

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    Brand Identity

Market context: Model house visit - mostly boring

Open house is one of the most visual way to attract potential investors and buyer. However, it’s very temporary and passive because there’s no more interesting things to show to the buyers after some minutes they walk around. The lack of marketing in Vietnam real estate causes this problem despise of the competitive market nowadays. In this context, Alpha King decide to create a new experience center not only for open house but also for culture and art following their brand direction. So it will proactively and positively attracts and retains many more potential customers and visitors. On the other hand, this is also a contemporary culture and entertainment destination for young artists, contributing to the spread and strengthening of the brand's creative and classy image.

Project Goal: Brand is a part of the experience

As well as the name Armani on your clothes or the exquisite label Château Cheval Blanc on your wine bottle, the brand positioning of the experience center is set at high level. They contribute to change your experience profoundly. Therefore, the branding and image strategy that B&A offers must also be a part of the experience that Alpha King center offers visitors, letting the brand stand out and different from any real estate sales center in Vietnam. Moreover, an experience center that reflects contemporary culture with diverse, constantly changing programs needs a dynamic, adaptable brand system yet a strong and solid core to create unity in multi-variateity.


Solutions & Results: Lotus experiences the constant immutability of the mind in the multitude of variables.

Human experience is formed by the senses (Senses) - so the senses can be considered as the very starting point of experience. From this insight and being inspired of the architecture of the lotus-shaped center, B&A has found the name The Sense. We also explore the meanings of different Senses (See, Hear, Touch, Taste, Smell), coordinate and transform in many different ways to create a myriad of visual and verbal abilities, letting The Sense always bring new things to the public. In order to keep the consistency in regular change, we design the core of identification as minimally as possible but still retain the ability to create mutations. Icon is a collection of 5 experiences combined into a flower - representing the beauty of nature and life. A flower that people not only see, smell, but also hear, taste and touch to the depths of the interior. It is The Sense.