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Lemore Hotel

A simple life is a life of both less and more

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The hotel that gives you more by offering less

Hotels in Vietnam often fall into 2 sorts: Either cheap but with low-mediocre quality or very expensive but great. There is a growing trend in hospitality to develop concept hotels with unique atmosphere and experience. But of course, their rates are obscene. All in all, the middle ground is left almost empty. That’s where CMVietnam comes in with not another hotel chain.

The idea is simply old-school: offering great value to guests at a reasonable price. The execution is different: not so big hotels near beaches, fewer rooms but more space for each room, all so-called ornament-bullshits & unnecessary amenities removed (but all essential things must be of highest-quality), efficient management, middleman cost cut or reduced, etc.

Don’t just stay the night, truly live each day

So the results are: room furniture & equipment are excellent & ergonomic, every room has views, the beach is nearby, all guests have bigger rooms with views but pay less than expected. That’s why you stay in a 4* hotel, which has 5* quality but costs as same as the average 3*. 

The philosophy of the hotel chain should be well noted: all guests are equal, consequently their rooms should be equal and all have great view, and the experience of the hotel should not be too luxury but should have the home-like comfort which makes guests not just stay there to sleep but to enjoy the entire day.

The small letter E with big meaning

B&A with CMVietnam researched and developed the brand strategy and distinct qualities of the hotel, which are translated into this name and visual identity.

Since this is the first hotel of a new chain, brand identity and its applications should be adaptive and scalable. This design is also for the future.