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Centennial High-Rise

Legacy of Time at the heart of Saigon

Create the future city

Alpha King is a 100% foreign-owned real estate investor, established in 2016 with a team of more than 100 experienced professionals from 14 countries around the world: Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia , China ... with a sharp mindset and high expertise in real estate development, investment and management. With the mission of changing the face of downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Alpha King focuses on developing complex projects in the heart of District 1 with unique, bold and outstanding designs.

Alpha King choose B&A to work in the first design of an official introduction of Centennial high-rise complex project and to compete in the Residential High Rise Development project of the Asia Pacific Property Award Real Estate.

Masterpieces of life. Heritage of time.

Located on the historic Ba Son land, blending classical French architecture with the quintessence of indigenous arts in Vietnam and applying the most advanced and safe technologies for future life, Centennial is a in Alpha King's core projects and very promising to be an upstream living spot by the Saigon River.

Encapsulating the concept of "Heritage of Time", Centennial is not only a real estate but also a place of appreciation for the past and achievements of the previous generation as well as the responsibility to entrust to the next generation.

Inspired by the Centennial concept itself, we visualize the endless rotation of time combined with the graphic style that changes from time to time, creating a space that renders everything so valuable: heroic past, vivid current story and sustainable future opportunities.


The idea is detailed in four parts corresponding to the main content of Centennial but still respect and ensure the consistency of brand identity.

  • Time Heritage - A place to inherit the past, continue the present, create the future.
  • Time of History - The golden past of a flourishing harbor promotes the development of Saigon today.
  • Time of Art - Open, liberal aesthetic values, inheriting traditions and bringing new life to life.
  • Time of Technology - A solid foundation for a legacy to stand the test of time.

The document is complete in design, invested in many sophisticated techniques printing to convey the full story and special values ​​beyond the scope of a conventional real estate project, then submitted to the contest in London (UK) before Christmas holiday 2018. Three months later, Alpha King's Centennial project was officially awarded the "Best Residential High-Rise Development Project" (Best Residential High-Rise Development) of the "Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018".