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Hanoi Housing

Bring a new look into the experience

The challenge of repositioning

Hanoi Housing is a real estate agent for foreigners in Hanoi, it has nearly 20 years of experience and is considered the first choice for foreigners who are living and working in Hanoi. Facing intense market competition, Hanoi Housing decided to reposition the brand and renew its image to strengthen position.

In order to perform a repositioning with a well-known brand name, we talked with clients to find out the specificity of the product or service they provided. Hanoi Housing's experience and services are truly impressive points from a local service provider. Brand identity must inherit and convey competitive advantages in a fresh and modern way.

An epitome of Hanoi spirit

The symbol comprises of double H letters, which stands for Hanoi Housing so as to create different slices of different shapes and colors stylized the top-view image of Hanoi's rooftops. All demonstrate the idea that Hanoi Housing will bring numerous and diversified choices to their clients. This design also expresses the implication that Hanoi Housing is chosen and trusted by customers from many different cultures to create a true community.

The double “H" is integrated not only in terms of visual effects but also symbiosis, cooperation, harmony and mutual support between the communities living together and Hanoi Housing as a companion begins a new life.

The brand positioning phrase "Local expertise, international service" is selected as a firm commitment to what Hanoi Housing has been pursuing. Hanoi Housing is fully satisfied with a new look to expand the network, enhance brand name and reach more target customers.