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Rice Deli

Bring Vietnamese rice to your bowl at the airport

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Starting as a resting stop

Rice Deli is an idea of building an airport restaurant chain, raising the standards of airport services also improving the shortage of both quantity and quality of restaurant services at airports in Vietnam general and Tan Son Nhat in particular.

Rice Deli is expected to bring Vietnamese food experiences in the modern space so the visual design and architecture of the Rice Deli are dedicated to making a real difference.

Aiming to turn into a better airport experience

The name Rice Deli is very simple. It is easy to read and remember, it was created from the idea: Vietnamese food from rice. It is an endless source of inspiration for B & A to tell a brilliant, inspirational story of every customer come to Rice Deli.

We use a typeface for logo design.  That is cheerful and inspirational. Incorporating two stylized dots into two rice grains that are in a state of bouncing energy and vitality. The brand positioning phrase "Rice me up" is played with the pair of homophone words "rise-rice", it has the meaning of arousing new energy, inspiration when visiting the restaurant.

Each flight is a new memory and every time you step into Rice Deli is a new story, a new feeling and a new experience.